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Myopia Management for All Ages

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a vision condition that makes distant objects appear blurry. Blurry vision can be challenging to deal with, and at Toronto Medical Eye Associates we strive to provide myopia control solutions for patients of all ages.

Our team can help you and your child manage myopia and achieve clear vision at all distances. Contact us to book an appointment and determine a treatment plan for myopia today.

What Is Myopia?

Myopia is a common vision condition that can progress rapidly or gradually and usually worsens from childhood through adolescence. A comprehensive eye exam can help your doctor test for myopia and prepare the necessary prescription glasses or contact lenses to correct it. 

Myopia occurs when your eyeball is longer than normal or your cornea is curved too steeply. As a result, light that should be focused on your retina instead focuses in front of your retina and results in distant objects appearing blurry. 

Common signs or symptoms of myopia can include:

  • Eye strain
  • Frequent headaches
  • Blurry vision when looking at distant objects
  • Squinting to focus on far away objects

Mild myopia can be difficult to notice initially. You may not experience symptoms, so regular eye exams are essential to help your eye doctor stay updated on your unique visual needs.

Check out this CBC article and video that Dr. Rana Taji is featured in on how screen time is affecting our eyes.

Myopia Control Methods

At Toronto Medical Eye Associates, we use various diagnostic and control methods to help our patients manage and live with myopia. 

Measuring Axial Length

We measure axial length to help diagnose myopia and a change in your eyes.

Axial length is the combination of anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, and vitreous chamber depth—myopia results from an increase in axial length outside the normal expected rate. An axial measurement can help our team determine the progression rate and can possibly help indicate the potential cause of elongation.

Early Detection at Toronto Medical Eye Associates

Early detection and management are crucial when it comes to myopia. Regular eye exams can help you and your child stay up-to-date on your prescriptions and allow our team to monitor your visual progression.

Contact us today to book an appointment and stay on top of myopia control.

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Say Goodbye to Dry Eye

Do you suffer from dry eye symptoms? 

Dry eye is a common condition that can cause your eyes to feel uncomfortable and irritated. Don’t let dry eye stop you from living your life. Dr. Taji is a trusted voice on dry eye disease and has hosted many lectures and presentations on diagnosis and treatment.

You can feel confident in your dry eye treatment with our team. Contact us today to book your dry eye evaluation and get relief sooner.

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