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Building Vision Care Habits Early

Consistent vision care begins from a young age. Regular eye exams are essential for children to build good habits. An early examination can help our doctors detect developing vision issues that may interfere with their academic life and personal growth. 

Our goal is to preserve your children’s eye health and vision throughout their life—book a comprehensive eye exam for your children today.

Importance of Children’s Eye Exams

The significant use of electronic devices and screen time in today’s world makes children’s eye exams essential. 

Children should have regular eye examinations to monitor if their vision is developing properly and prevent interference with academic achievements. Conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) should be addressed from a young age through a comprehensive eye exam.

A comprehensive eye examination for your child includes:

  • A review of their health and vision history
  • Tests for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, colour perception, crossed-eyes, eye coordination, depth perception, and focusing ability
  • Overall assessment of their visual health

Our team at Toronto Medical Eye Associates strives to help your children grow up with healthy vision.

Scheduling an Early Visit

Your children’s vision is ever-changing and regular visits to the eye doctor can help keep track of this visual development and determine if there are any issues. The frequency and timing of eye exams are dependent on each child’s age and vision development.

Infants & Toddlers

It is recommended that infants and toddlers should come in for their first eye examination between the ages of 6 and 9 months.

From birth to 2 years old, your children’s eyes will begin working together and colour vision will stabilize along with developing eye-hand coordination skills.

Preschool-age children should visit us for at least one eye examination between the ages of 2 and 5 years.

Eye exams at this stage are essential to help monitor important vision milestones like developing good eye-hand coordination and depth perception.

School-age children should have a comprehensive eye exam yearly between the ages of 6 to 19.

Exams during this time period can help identify developing eye issues and build good vision care habits through crucial development periods.

Set Your Child up for Success 

Comprehensive eye examinations from a young age can help your children practice good vision care habits throughout their visual development.

Contact us to book a comprehensive examination for your children today and help them build good habits.

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Say Goodbye to Dry Eye

Do you suffer from dry eye symptoms? 

Dry eye is a common condition that can cause your eyes to feel uncomfortable and irritated. Don’t let dry eye stop you from living your life. Dr. Taji is a trusted voice on dry eye disease and has hosted many lectures and presentations on diagnosis and treatment.

You can feel confident in your dry eye treatment with our team. Contact us today to book your dry eye evaluation and get relief sooner.

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